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Daily Schedule

Regular School Day Schedule

Preschool AM 8:10-11:32 / PM 10:11-2:08

TK AM 8:10-11:32 / PM 10:11-2:08

K – 2nd 8:10 – 2:08pm

3rd – 5th 8:10 – 2:19pm


Transitional Kindergarten 11:20 -11:55am

Kindergarten 11:20 – 12:07pm

1st Grade 11:20 – 12:07pm

2nd Grade 11:50 – 12:37pm

3rd Grade 12:02 – 12:37pm

4th & 5th Grades 12:20 – 12:55pm

Wednesday/Minimum Day Schedule**

TK 8:10-11:30am

K-5 th 8:10 – 1:19pm Lunches:

Kindergarten 11:20 – 12:07pm

1st Grade 11:20 – 12:07pm

2nd & 3rd Grades 11:50 – 12:37pm

4th & 5th Grades 12:20 – 1:07pm

** Transitional Kindergarten will dismiss at 11:30am on all minimum days. K-5 will dismiss at 1:19pm on all minimum days. Please be on time to pick up your child.