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SCUSD Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program Preschool Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program Elementary Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program Itinerant Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services K-12

SCUSD Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

Program Overview

Santa Clara Unified School district offers a regional Deaf/Hard of Hearing program for students in preschool through fifth grade at Haman Elementary as well as Itinerant services for students in kindergarten to High School who qualify for special education services under the eligibility of hearing impairment.  The SCUSD Hard of Hearing Program educates children from school districts throughout Santa Clara County.  For over 50 years, the program has been successfully educating deaf and hard of hearing children using auditory/oral methods.  It is designed to minimize the effects of hearing loss and to maximize the skills necessary for students to function independently.  A complete academic curriculum is provided with emphasis on speech, langauge, and auditory skills.

Available Services

The following services may be available via the IEP process and determined by student needs:

  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services
    • Individual & Small Group Instruction
    • Consultation
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Audiological Consultation
  • Counseling & Referral Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Assistive Listening Devices (FM)
  • Classroom Adaptations/Modifications
  • Transportation (as provided by home district)


Our staff consists of fully credentialed, highly qualified, experienced professionals with training in listening, language, speech development, and education of children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Preschool TOD/HH:  Reyna Reynolds
  • K-2 TOD/HH:  Jennifer Devine
  • 3-5 TOD/HH:  Angela Oktaymen
  • Itinerant TOD/HH:  Heidi Barstow & Karen Copp
  • Speech/Language Pathologist: Jamie Sullivan
  • Educational Audiologist:  Kimber Graham
  • Program Specialist/School Psychologist:  Ashley Falke  

What Parents Are Saying...

"The staff helped to educate us, encouraged us to advocate for our children, connected us with other families to hear their stories, and helped prepare us for taking our children into our local mainstream schools."                             (Parent of a Kindergarten student)


"The program had a huge impact on our daughter both academically and socially."  (Parent of a second grade student)


"The staff is very competent and go out of their way to keep parents well informed regarding their child's progress."               (Parent of a fourth grade student)

For More Information

Email:  dhhprogram@scusd.net

Phone:  (408) 423-1413