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Frequently asked PTA Questions

How much does it cost? $10.00. The membership fee of $10.00 per person entitles you to a PTA Membership Card and voting privileges, but more importantly shows your child that you care about their school! You are welcome to donate more if you wish. Please make checks payable to: C. W. Haman School PTA.  

Who can join? Anyone!  Parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings, relatives, neighbors, and all of your friends can sign -up and support Haman's community through a PTA Membership.  

What difference can I make by joining? A huge difference!  When you become a PTA Member you can attend General PTA Meetings and vote on issues that are important to you and your child. You can help decide what kind of fundraisers will work, when they will be scheduled, and what other kinds of programs PTA money will go towards. You can also volunteer to help at our events. The amount of time you commit is up to you.  

Where does the money go from our PTA Memberships? To help students! By joining and participating in the PTA you will be raising money for field trips, assemblies, books, and educational videos and programs. Out of the $10.00, Haman receives a little less than $4.75. The remainder goes to PTA fees at the National, District, and Council levels, as well as a PTA insurance requirement. The majority of our income comes directly from fundraisers which are vital to the PTA.  

Where do I get extra Membership Envelopes for family and friends? Extra PTA Membership envelopes are available in the office, or simply put your child's name, room number and your name and phone number and e-mail address on a blank envelope and turn it in to the office.  You may also join online by clicking here.