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Haman is Solar!

Solar panels being installed.Haman School had the honor of being the first Neighborhood Solar Program installation in Santa Clara!  Look on the roof! You can see our solar panels. Haman is dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions and helping to protect the environment.  Recycling programs, automated light switches, high efficiency lighting, and other programs are all part of our green efforts.

About Haman School

Haman Elementary School

C. W. Haman School is a TK - 5 grade school located at the corner of Los Padres Boulevard and Homestead Road in Santa Clara.  Besides serving the residents surrounding the school, the school also serves the residential section of Santa Clara bordering Santa Clara University.

C. W. Haman School is a place where there are high expectations for reaching academic standards and a challenging curriculum is the foundation to student success. We work to develop a strong sense of community where students feel safe and are appreciated for individual differences. We value parents and the community as significant contributors to student learning. We continually strive to enhance the self-esteem of each child as we work to ensure their continued success.