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Technology Plan

Internet Safety

 Click here for internet safety training. 

i-SAFE America provides age-appropriate K-12 curriculum to schools in all 50 states free of charge. The curriculum is a dynamic interactive program designed to educate and empower the student. Each lesson includes Activity Pages and Discussion for the class. The high school curriculum is a video Webcast hosted by teens on either VHS or DVD format. Some of the lessons taught by i-SAFE are:

  • Cyber Citizenship
  • Personal Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Predator Identification



Technology Standards


• Identifies letters and numbers on the keyboard

• Uses a mouse to select items


First Grade

• Understands and operates computer hardware and related technology

• Uses computer software

• Uses basic commands and operations


Second Grade

• Understands and uses the Internet as a research tool

• Understands home row keys and proper fingering on a standard keyboard


Third Grade

• Uses basic keyboarding skills

• Uses online resources to research and communicate

• Identifies phone books and library catalogs as commonly used databases


Fourth Grade

• Uses fluent keyboarding word processing skills

• Understands the use of technology for creating multimedia

• Identifies files, records, and fields of databases


Fifth Grade

• Chooses appropriate technology resources to create multimedia products

• Searches databases for information