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Haman happily accepts computer donations!  SCUSD requires donations to meet these minimum specs.


All Chromebooks require a $30.00 annual license from Google per Chromebook to be a member of our SCUSD domain.  This is not optional. Only specific models of Chromebook are supported at the District.  Currently these are Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung models supported for use on our Google Apps For Education domain. All Chromebook donations must be approved by Joe Zeligs, Director of Information Technology and processed by the IT Department before use on the SCUSD network.


Please contact Mr. Cardona if you can help with a donation!  Thank you!

Technology at Haman

Technology at Haman

Snoopy PC.jpgHaman School integrates technology into its curriculum to enhance student learning.  Technology usage takes many forms.  For more information, contact the school's Technology Liaison (


In classrooms, Haman has:

  • Chromebooks (some classrooms)
  • Interactive Whiteboards (some classrooms)
  • Smartboards (some classrooms)
  • Document Cameras (all classrooms)
  • DVD Players (all classrooms)
  • Tablet PDAs
  • Bluetooth Speaker Systems with Wireless Microphones (some classrooms)
  • Laptop Teacher Computers (all teachers)

The school campus also has:

  • A Thin Client PC Lab with 33 stations
  • A Desktop PC Computer Lab 33 stations, Cisco switches, the Windows 7 or 8 Operating System, and flat panel screens.
  • A school website with information, news, and links to approved curricular activities (
  • Secure networked server storage and networked printers.
  • Wi-fi access throughout the campus.
  • Digital video cameras and digital cameras.
  • A digital video microscope ("scope on a rope").
  • Software licenses for SCUSD-approved programs, available free to all students.  These include ST Math (JiJi), ALEKS Math, Raz-Kids Reading, and Typing Agent.
  • A free Google Apps for Education accounts for all students.

Be a Tech Volunteer Hero!

Thanks to the generosity of our PTA, Santa Clara University (via Mr. Hays), and our late colleague and teacher, April Cordes, we now have two computer labs! But to keep it going, we need your help!

Computer Lab Volunteers: We need adults who wish to volunteer in our computer lab during the school year, helping the teachers and students. If you can volunteer (even just a few hours all year), please contact your child's teacher or contact Mr. Cardona! Now is your chance to make the world a better place! Please volunteer!